Rally Italy set for another location change in 2022

After switching coasts for this year's event, the island rally is already looking for new roads and new views again

Adrien Fourmaux

Next year’s Rally Italy will switch back to the west coast of Sardinia, with Alghero hosting in place of Olbia – but the event organizers are also considering a switch to move south to run the World Rally Championship counter out of Cagliari for the first time.

Automobile Club Italia senior consultant and Rally Italy director Antonio Turitto explained to DirtFish that moving the event from region to region across the island is vital to maintaining funding. But this is the first time he’s talked of a base in the island’s capital.

“We decided to come back to Olbia this year because the event belongs to all of Sardinia. Not only one part,” said Turitto.

“It’s very important for us to give an opportunity to all regions to have the rally. Next year we go back to Alghero, but it’s important to include Olbia again.

“The question is always one about how to guarantee to the island the best opportunity for the island.

“Probably we could go to the south. Not next year, but why not towards Cagliari? There are stages down there and it could work.”

Cagliari formed part of the Rally Italy route in 2014 and 2015 with a superspecial stage around the city streets.

“That worked well,” said Turitto. “Don’t forget, Cagliari has 500,000 inhabitants and we saw many, many spectators. This is just one idea and we have many of them. At the right time we will decide.”

After a successful return to Olbia this year for the first time since 2014, Turitto said the event wouldn’t forget the east coast in 2022.

“In 2020, we planned to run a superspecial around the streets in Olbia – maybe we will organize this in the center of town in 2022,” he added.

One thing is certain, wherever the rally goes, the sea won’t be far from the finish ceremony.

“We must always chose our podium next to the sea. It’s compulsory for us to continue this tradition to have the sea there so the winner can jump to the water.”