Rally Turkey stages: Before and after

DirtFish examines İçmeler twice to see the difference a bunch of rally cars can make to a road

Some of Rally Turkey’s stages have been punishing enough on the first runs through, and they become even more unpredictable and damaging to cars when the World Rally Championship’s best take to them a second time.

This is due to changes in the surface of the roads, which are predominantly gravel in this neck of the woods, and because drivers will be entering at similar speeds but on tires that no longer have the grip or usability as they did earlier in the day.

The final two stages of the rally on Sunday – Çetibeli and Marmaris – are both repeats which will throw up these exact problems for drivers. Watch Colin Clark and George Donaldson analyze the damage done to a test, using the İçmeler stage that opened the rally on Friday as an example.