The master of the mid-rally donut

Back in 2002, Peugeot's asphalt specialist had dominated Rally Spain so much that he had time for some showboating

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There’s been one word on every rally fan’s mind over the last few days.


No, not the delightful fried dough snacks with sumptuous icing and sugar (if you can’t tell, I’m on a strict diet at the minute and yearning), but the version that includes burnt rubber and tire smoke.

Oliver Solberg thrust them into the limelight when he was penalized one minute for performing donuts for the crowd on the Lousada superspecial during last weekend’s Rally of Portugal.

Fair? Ridiculous? I’m not here to start a debate, simply just to celebrate the master of the donut himself.

Sorry Solberg, but it’s not you.

Colin McRae, yours were impressive when you won the world championship in ’95. Sébastien Loeb, Ogier, Thierry Neuville, Gigi Galli… hats off to all of you for pulling them off in the past too.

Rally Catalunya 2002

But all of this was after the stage was done. Nobody has ever had the audacity to throw their car into a series of 360s during a stage like Gilles Panizzi did in 2002.

The sight of his Peugeot 206 WRC spinning underneath an overpass on the La Roca stage has been burned into my memory since I was a child – I can’t imagine how epic it must have been to be there and experience the surprise of Panizzi’s showboating!

What’s even more incredible is the Tarmac ace only lost 3.8 seconds to stage winner Jesús Puras in the process!

The Girardo & Co. Archive has, of course, caught the moment perfectly, which is why this simply had to be our picture of the week this week.

As a side note, does anyone know if anyone makes any low-calorie donuts…?