The only WRC view you need for 2024

As ever, McKlein's 'The Wider View' calendar is a absolute stunner. Get one on a wall near you, right now

Wider View 2024_3_TO.indd

Everybody’s got 456 square centimeters that need covering on their wall. And, once again, McKlein has come up with the perfect way to do that job. It’s called The Wider View. In reality, it’s the only view.

The first few months of the year will have a familiar feel. January is Monte in the sunshine, while February is a stunner of an action shot showing just how hard Esapekka Lappi was pushing for the win in Umeå earlier this season.

As the year progresses and you flip one heavyweight meter-wide picture over for another, one thing becomes abundantly clear… McKlein photographers led once more by the inimitable Colin McMaster and Reinhard Klein made some serious art while they were in México. A third of the calendar is taken up by the Leon-based event.

Overkill? You might think so, until you reach August and trace Thierry Neuville’s dust cloud past the obligatory man on the horse with a flag. That’s good. But it’s not the best.

Wider View 2024_3_TO.indd

There’s a corker of a subterranean Guanajuato shot, a lovely composition in the Las Dunas superspecial and then there’s Takamoto Katsuta at the finish of the powerstage. November is the Méxican standout for me. Taka flies with the 2,700-meter Cerro del Cubilete mountain (complete with 23-meter Cristo Rey statue on top) staring down from the top-left of the picture.

Katsuta makes another appearance in September. And he’s flying again. But this time the landing’s not quite as the Japanese planned. This is his shakedown roll in Kenya.

That Safari shunt is also available in similarly breathtaking – if slightly smaller – form in the 2024 Desktop Rally calendar.

As you’d imagine, this version is way smaller, and probably offers a more significant threat to your career. Staring at such an eclectic mix of images from the WRC’s yesterdays – as well as some rippers from today that blew us all away this season – is not going to be good for productivity!

Wide on the wall or resting on the desk, you need some McKlein in your world next year. Make it happen here.

Words:David Evans