The people making the WRC fully sustainable

The WRC's technical future may be uncertain, but some of the science already in action will carry the series into the future

On Monday we asked the question of whether hybrid had to be central to the future of the World Rally Championship. Is there another way for our sport to flourish in the future?

Give this one a watch. Matias Henkola, Martin Popilka and Carlos Pina Vaz make a particularly compelling case for sustainable fuel. And they don’t stop there. The engine, drivetrain and even the dampers all use fossil-free lubricant.

It’s all to do with synthesized molecules from different waxes and bio-sourced waste materials replicating the conventional oil formula.

Seriously folks, we’ve got this future thing licked.

All we need to do now is shout about it, then shout some more and then shout a bit louder: the WRC is the FIA’s first ever fully sustainably powered championship and the motorport competition with the brightest (brightest green that is) and most environmentally sustainable credentials around.

And here’s the best bit: the fuel and the oil solutions are totally applicable for your daily drive.

P1 CEO Martin Poplika said: “A lot of people ask me the question ‘What’s the car of the future?’

“Here at P1, we tell them: ‘It’s the car you own today’.”

Give it a watch. Then tell the world.

Words:DirtFish Media