The WRC’s missed mixed-surface challenge

Luke Barry's feeling Italian, and feeding his passion for Subarus, with this week's picture of the week

POTW subi

I think I’ve got an addiction.

Last week I picked a Subaru for our picture of the week feature from the Girardo & Co. Archive. I then took delivery of an old Subaru World Rally Team jacket from eBay – because why not?

And this week? Oops… I did it again.

It’s just as well Subaru no longer competes in the World Rally Championship, otherwise I’d be accused of being biased!

But I promise the fact an Impreza has ended up as picture of the week yet again is more coincidence than by design.

Rally Sanremo 13-16 10 1996 San Remo (ITA)

There were probably several better pictures than this one of Colin McRae and Derek Ringer – which you should check out here – but no other encapsulated the vibe I was searching for more than this.

The vibe of Sanremo.

I’m feeling Italian this week. The European Rally Championship’s Rally di Roma is just two days away, and as you read this I’m currently on vacation in Italy too. But nothing rally related to Italy will ever top Sanremo.

No offense to Sardinia, but it’s true. And this particular image shows it all – the wild and passionate crowd and the mixed-surface challenge Sanremo was so famous for. Colin’s powering through that asphalt hairpin on gravel tires, just to be clear!

With the power of imagery, I almost feel like I’m there. Oh how I wish I actually was, though.