What Nitro RX’s rising star makes of Arizona’s wild track

George Megennis "cannot wait" to try out the Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park's Nitro Rallycross course


Rested and ready, with “about five weeks” of missed homework caught up on, George Megennis is gearing up to resume his first full rallycross campaign at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park this weekend.

After his stellar podium finish in the second race at ERX Motor Park last month was cruelly snatched away thanks to a harsh post-race penalty, Megennis knows he has his work cut out if he’s to claim Nitro Rallycross’s Next title, but despite the setbacks out of his control, overall glory remains his aim.

“I’m not ruling it out just because mathematically it’s still possible, it’s definitely a tough fight from here though,” the YellowSquad driver told DirtFish. “It does mean I have to win quite a lot.

“I’m still gonna go for it though. It doesn’t change anything going into the next race.”

That next race will take place on a track that Megennis described as “really spectacular looking” as he sat down with this writer to check out the track map for the very first time.


“I cannot wait to see that, that’s going to be so cool,” he enthused.

“This looks like a great track to race on just because of the number of hairpins to do some send-y divebombs, a couple of long corners in there to try and give it a good shot around the outside.

“It just looks like a good track for some racing, depending on how it’s prepped and taken care of. Right away though, it looks like it could be a really good track.

“You have the turn one, which is like a high speed, nearly 180°, and so a really tight one, a couple of square corners in there. It’ll be really cool.”

On the opening day of the event there will be a single timed lap for each driver to learn the track and which will determine their seeding order for the head-to-head battle brackets.

“The schedule was really changed every single race,” Megennis said on the topic of practice time on the track.

“So I can’t say for sure, but hopefully we’ll have at least four laps before the qualifying session starts to just get acquainted to the track just to see how much we can push.