Meet the DirtFish Team: Mitch Williams

As a senior instructor at the Rally School, Mitch plays a key role in delivering DirtFish's world-leading customer experience

Meet Mitch Williams – a senior instructor at DirtFish Rally School who’s been in this sport for the best part of 20 years.

In that time Mitch has picked up a trick or two about how to drive a car, and competes in his own BMW 2002 Turbo when he can.

But it’s teaching how to rally at DirtFish that occupies most of Mitch’s time – which is just as well given it brings him immense pleasure.

“The nice thing about the job is everybody here is on vacation, nobody’s upset to be here so just every day here is a happy day for us,” he says.

Driver Group 2-26

“The program’s designed to work for anybody from any walk of life, so I’ve had people come in here with zero driver experience, literally have never sat behind a steering wheel before, and by the end of the program we’re getting them drifting round the corners and driving like a true rallyist.

“And that’s what makes this program awesome is it’s for elite people, it’s for anybody who walks through that door, and that’s very rewarding to me.”

Hit play on our latest ‘Meet the Team’ video to learn more about Mitch’s life away from rallying and the time he met Jay Leno.