Video: DirtFish Motorsports takes on the 100AW Rally

Nate Tennis's second ARA rally in the Subaru BRZ didn't go as well as the first

“Now I’m ready for a margarita!” laughed DirtFish’s lead instructor Nate Tennis at the end of the 2021 100 Acre Wood Rally, round two of the American Rally Association National presented by DirtFish season.

Tennis is back competing this year in DirtFish Motorsports’ Subaru BRZ after a brief hiatus away from the special stages, and headed to the 100AW Rally after finishing second in class in the Sno*Drift Rally. The aim for this one?

“To assert ourselves, and prove our pace to both ourselves and basically everybody else,” Tennis told DirtFish’s cameras.

Unfortunately things didn’t quite pan out like Tennis and co-driver Claudia Barbera had envisioned. Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the pair’s rally to find out exactly what went wrong.