Basketball court stage to kick off ERC’s Canary Islands Rally

A three-pointer usually isn't much to shout about in the ERC, but the next round will have a basketball twist to it


A three-pointer isn’t much to shout about in the European Rally Championship, given it equates to either just a 13th place finish or third on the powerstage.

CB Gran Canaria however can’t stop scoring them at the moment, with three wins from their last three matches in Spain’s top basketball league.

Rallying and basketball aren’t two worlds that normally converge, but that’s exactly what they’ll do on May’s Rally Islas Canarias when Europe’s best rally drivers slide their Rally2 machines into CB Gran Canaria’s home court.

Less shooting hoops, more shooting flames as each driver will execute a donut in the middle of the court before heading back outdoors for the rest of the opening Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Disa superspecial on Thursday May 4.

According to ERC championship manager Iain Campbell, the stage is “very, very similar to how it was last year” – aside from the trip into the basketball court, obviously.

“It starts at the service park and goes around the football stadium and the basketball stadium, but the difference this year is about 200m after the start they turn right and go into the basketball court,” Campbell told DirtFish.

“They do their circuit round there, come back out and join the stage that was used from last year which takes them down into the car park area of the two stadiums before finishing. So I think the total length is about two kilometers.”

It may be two of the most entertaining kilometers of the entire rallying year.