The Ken Block cars available to purchase

Three of the Head Hoonigan In Charge's cars have been listed for sale


We’re getting into that time of year where we all start to have a spring clean around the house. Ken Block’s no different. In fact, being Ken Block, his idea of a clear out is a bit more extreme.

Following the departure of his Gymkhana Nine Ford Focus RS RX and the Subaru Impreza he won his first rally in, three more machines from the Head Hoonigan In Charge’s stable are heading for the exit door.

This time they’re arguably three of the most special and iconic vehicles in Block’s collection, seen by over 200 million people across the world.

LBI Limited of Pontiac, Michigan is offering three of Block’s most famous Fords, the sales coming after he announced his split from the manufacturer following more than a decade together earlier this year.

Here’s what you can get your hands on:

Ford GYM3 Fiesta


First up is the GYM3 Fiesta, which starred in (you guessed it) Gymkhana Three back in 2011. GYM3 was the first Ford to appear in Hoonigan’s hit viral video series, taking on the high banks of Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry in France.

Purpose built by top rallycross squad Olsbergs MSE in Sweden, GYM3 is powered by an Olsbergs-developed 2.0-liter Ford Duratec engine that puts out around 600bhp. An electronically-assisted six-speed sequential shifter sends those 600 horses to all four wheels, naturally, with the 0-60 dash being handled in around two seconds.

After its appearance in Gymkhana Three, which has over 66 million views online, GYM3 was rebuilt in 2015 and then had a spell on display at Los Angeles’ famous Petersen Automotive Museum before returning to the Hoonigan Racing Division’s Utah HQ in 2019.

Ford Fiesta RX43


GYM3 was replaced by the HFHV (Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle) designed to tackle both rallies and rallycross events, but by 2013 RX43 had arrived – M-Sport’s first proper rallycross car.

Block has described RX43 as “one of my favorite race cars in the entire world”, and that’s not at all surprising either. It’s the car that he’s driven more than any other, and has appeared in Gymkhana Six, Gymkhana Eight and the Terrakhana spin-off.

But this flame-spitting beast is more than just a showpiece for videos on the internet. Block also campaigned the car in Global Rallycross between 2013-15, chalking up six event wins and two top-three championship finishes. A title was on the cards for 2015 until poor luck – including a second roll in Barbados in as many years – dropped him out of contention.

The car was replaced by the ultimately less-successful Focus RS RX in 2016 as Block moved onto the World Rallycross Championship, but RX43 remained a fixture in Block’s stable and continued to compete in Gymkhana GRID events in the years since.

Ford RS200


The final car being let go by Block through LBI is his prized Ford RS200 road car.

Block’s RS200, described as his “dream car” but also a “nightmare”, is one of just 24 RS200s upgraded to ‘Evo’ spec. That means an engine capacity of 2.1-liters (up from 1.8) and a power boost of 156 bhp to 600… usually.

You see, Block’s RS200 has had a few tweaks. Run it on pump gas and you’ll be taming over 700 bhp. Race gas? That figure’s closer to 800. No wonder it scared him on the road.

Just 200 RS200s were made for Group B homologation purposes between 1984-86. Block’s car, chassis #080, is a 1986 example that was originally sold to Norwegian rallycross driver Thor Holm. Block acquired it in 2017 and it’s one of around 10 in the US today.

The RS200 is the only one of the three with a price tag, being offered at $550,000. The other two, you have to inquire, but if you have to ask – well, you know the rest…

That’s not all though. Posting on social media, Block revealed that yet another Ford has already departed his stable in the form of his Mk 2 Escort – a car he’s owned since before his official relationship with Ford began.

The car has been sold to Utah-based Jorgen Moller Jr, founder of garage design firm RaceDeck.

“My ’78 Ford Escort Mk2 is headed to a new home: my buddy Jorgen Moller Jr has bought it for his collection,” Block said.

“I’m stoked that this car is staying local here in Utah, and I know Jorgen will actually go out and give it a good flogging occasionally.

“This will be a great addition to the collection of classic rally cars he’s been building.”