Adamo insists Hyundai’s approach will remain the same

The team have lost two victories in two rallies, but Andrea Adamo sees no reason for a new tactic


Hyundai Motorsport team principal Andrea Adamo has insisted there’s no change in approach needed following two disappointing results for his team.

While the Alzenau-based squad dominated the first half of both Rally Portugal and Rally Italy, its rival team Toyota won both events with a brace of double podiums in Porto and Olbia.

The gap in the manufacturers’ championship has therefore grown from 27 to 48 points in the last two rallies in Toyota’s favor.

Asked following Rally Italy if he would or should do something different, Adamo told DirtFish: “If we would do something different, it means that we did some mistake in preparing the rally [in Italy]. I don’t think we did a mistake in preparing for the rally, because in Portugal we were leading, here we were leading.


“I don’t see why I should change something, I don’t see any clear mistake done here by someone. I can understand in your role: you need to create the stories, but tonight I don’t see really stories to build.

“The picture is pretty clear: I don’t believe in lucky or unlucky, but when you have a driver [Dani Sordo] that’s lying there, rolled the car and another one [Ott Tänak] that’s passed on a stone he found on his way because someone in front moved it…

“I cannot go in front of my driver and make one of my team sweeping the road. I think that in this moment, the last [thing] we have to do is to go around in panic, go around crying, go around chasing for hugs.”

Adamo said he trusted in his team to learn from what had happened on the last two rallies.

“You have to understand if there is something maybe to do better or to understand for Safari preparation,” he said. “There are these kinds of things that you have to do now. To look into space, we have never done, and I don’t think my people and neither me first are going to do today.

“I don’t have to rebuild my team, they never went anywhere and I don’t need to give to my team the confidence again. They never lost the confidence.”