Hyundai responds to FIA’s WRC proposals

Team principal Cyril Abiteboul has shared his initial thoughts after Wednesday's announcement


Hyundai has responded to the FIA’s raft of proposals for the future of the World Rally Championship issued at this week’s World Motor Sport Council meeting.

An all-encompassing roadmap delivered by the WRC Working Group includes an overhaul to Rally1 cars, ditching hybrid power, fitting a smaller turbo restrictor and limiting aerodynamics.

There will also be a Rally2-plus formula, with an upgrade kit including a larger restrictor, improved aero, a bigger exhaust and an optional paddle shift gearbox.

Facing such a wide-ranging set of changes being proposed at once, and the shift away from hybrid power, Hyundai team boss Cyril Abiteboul said patience would be needed as he entered discussions with the motorsport division’s parent company in Korea.

“Given their far-reaching nature, complexity and depth, it will take some time to consider and reflect on these extensive proposals from the FIA,” said Abiteboul. “We also look forward to receiving further details from the FIA to assist with this process


Hyundai's Rally1 offering will need to be tweaked for 2025

“To consider these proposals we will conduct a deep dive into our short to mid-term plans: this will take place between Hyundai Motorsport and Hyundai Motor Company.

“As part of this process, we look forward to further discussions with the FIA, the WRC promoter and our fellow WRC competitors.”

In a call with selected media including DirtFish, WRC Working Group leader David Richards indicated that Hyundai was on board with the idea of dropping hybrid systems from Rally1 cars.

“We had a long talk with Cyril about that from Hyundai,” said Richards. “He was fully supportive of removing the hybrid system.”