Hyundai to begin testing 2022 challenger in June

Andrea Adamo lays out his team's testing hopes to DirtFish


Hyundai Motosport will begin running its 2022 Rally1 challenger next month, according to team principal Andrea Adamo.

The Italian wouldn’t be drawn on specific technical details of the car, but he said the next generation of i20 would be up and running within weeks.

“We are in the process of the development,” Adamo told DirtFish. “I don’t know exactly when we will run, but I hope soon. Maybe soon has a different meaning for me than it has for you, but I hope it will be soon. I hope it will be within the month of June.”

As much as focusing its efforts on incorporating hybrid into what will be a new chassis with a new safety cell, arguably the most pressing aspect of the programme is to have the engine ready for a July 1 homologation deadline. After that, there can be no major changes to the engine for the following three years.

M-Sport Ford World Rally Team ran its updated engine in Croatia and Toyota’s is well underway.

Asked whether Hyundai would run right up to the July 1 deadline, Adamo said: “We will see. My people are working on the engine.”


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