Loubet penalized a minute for helmet misdemeanour

The FIA has issued a fine and time penalty for a violation of safety gear rules on SS4 of CER


Pierre-Louis Loubet and Benjamin Veillas have been given a one-minute time penalty and handed a €1500 fine for not wearing their safety gear correctly on SS4 of Central European Rally.

Loubet, completing his last World Rally Championship event of the season with M-Sport but first with Veillas, had been eighth overall in his Ford Puma Rally1 but drops a place with the penalty applied.

The 26-year-old Frenchman was adjudged to not have his helmet strap correctly fastened and his balaclava not properly worn, while co-driver Veillas had part of his balaclava outside of his overalls which is also prohibited.

The pair will seperately pay the fine, and have 48 hours to make sure that is done.

A document from the stewards said Loubet was given the opportunity to bring along further representatives from M-Sport to the hearing, but he declined.