Monte Carlo’s Sunday route changed in wake of flooding

Organizer moves early to revise route, following severe October floods that claimed lives


The final day of the 2021 Monte Carlo Rally itinerary has already been revised as a result of severe flooding in the area where stages were supposed to run.

Storm Alex hit the French Riviera last month, producing months of rainfall in the Alpes Maritimes hills in the space of a single day, which resulted in large swathes of the ground be washed away in some areas and also led to the deaths of several people.

The rally organizer declared shortly after the flooding that it was working with regional government officials to adjust the route for the World Rally Championship season opener, which was first revealed in July, while also looking to support those affected by the storm damage.

La Maīris – Moulinet and Col St-Jean – Col de l’Orme, known for its famous Col de Turini mountain pass, were the two stages that were intended to be looped on the Sunday of the 2021 Monte, with a regroup between the second runs of the stages.

The closing leg will now take place further west, where the the flooding has had less of an impact on the roads, meaning a new location will now host the powerstage.


Photo: McKlein Image Database

A rally statement read: “The organising committee of the 89th Monte Carlo Rally has decided to modify the last loop on Sunday, in order to respect and preserve the victims in the flooded valleys where all road accesses must remain open to priority access.”

“This couple of loops will be a premiere for a World Rally Championship finale at Monte Carlo Rally, but they will be set on stages well known by rally fans,” the organizer added.

In Col de Turini’s absence is the 8.89-mile Briançonnet – Entrevaux stage, which will count as the powerstage on its second run, and before that is the 8.03-mile Puget-Théniers – La Penne stage. Both use roads that will be known to WRC drivers.

The organizer has also announced there will now be no midday service.

Monte Carlo Rally Itinerary

Thursday January 21

Shakedown (2.08 miles)
SS1 St Disdier – Corps (12.78 miles) 1908
SS2 St Maurice – St Bonnet (12.94 miles) 2006
Service Gap 2101

Friday January 22

SS3 Aspremont – La Bâtie-des-Fonts 1 (12.25 miles) 0836
SS4 Chalancon – Gumiane 1 (13.47 miles) 0954
SS5 Montauban-sur-l’Ouvèze – Villebois-les-Pins 1 (13.94 miles) 1127
Service Gap 1257
SS6 Aspremont – La Bâtie-des-Fonts 2 (12.25 miles) 1458
SS7 Chalancon – Gumiane 2 (13.47 miles) 1616
SS8 Montauban-sur-l’Ouvèze – Villebois-les-Pins 2 (13.94 miles) 1759
Service Gap 1929

Saturday January 23

SS9 St Clément – Freissinières 1 (12.85 miles) 1038
SS10 St Apollinaire – Embrun (13.31 miles) 1215
SS11 St Clément – Freissinières 2 (12.85 miles) 1408
Service Gap 1528
SS12 La Bréole – Selonnet (11.41 miles) 1809
Parc Fermé Monaco 2209

Sunday January 24

SS13 Puget-Théniers – La Penne (8.03 miles) 0830
SS14 Briançonnet – Entrevaux (8.89 miles) 1008
SS15 Puget-Théniers – La Penne (8.03 miles) 1045
SS16 Briançonnet – Entrevaux (8.89 miles) 1218
Prize giving ceremony Monaco 1600

Words:Elliot Wood

Photography:McKlein Image Database