Podcast: Sun, summer, but no Suomi

The DirtFish team discuss fun in the sun, and the rallies they will miss this summer


Rarely has George Donaldson’s trouser set-up come in for such close scrutiny, but the former World Rally Championship team manager’s decision to wear shorts on a recent canoeing trip in Scotland has left its mark on his legs. And burned an unforgettable image into the psyche of Lisa O’Sullivan, Colin Clark and David Evans.

This would be a good time to warn you about the start of this week’s podcast – if you’re squeamish on the subject of sunburn maybe jump in a couple of minutes.

Once we progress past the absence of Ambre Solaire, there’s a close inspection of the week’s news, including the disappointing loss of Rally New Zealand, Rally Finland and – at the time of recording – the very likely loss of Wales too.

All very serious business which was given the required, expected editorial gravitas. Until David’s telephone rang, prompting a lengthy discussion about vets, culminating in Donaldson being compared with All Creatures Great and Small‘s Siegfried Farnon.

All very entertaining. Apart from the bit about George’s blisters…