Sauna injury rules Tuohino out of Arctic final day

Leading privateer fell over exiting a sauna on Saturday night and was hospitalized

Janne Tuohino

Having balanced a Ford Fiesta WRC on the icy knife-edge in top gear for the last two days of the Arctic Rally Finland, leading privateer Janne Tuohino has been caught out by an unexpectedly slippery stretch… coming back to his cabin from the sauna.

The Finn who famously stepped aside and allowed Colin McRae to take his sixth place on the 2002 Swedish Rally returned to the World Rally Championship for the first time in two years in Rovaniemi this week.

Prior to stepping into a Saturday night sauna at the hotel, Tuohino had delivered his strongest stage performance with 10th quickest on the re-run Siikakämä test.

In an Instagram post, Tuohino’s team JanPro Racing said: “After yesterday’s day it was time for relaxing sauna and sleep.

“However our driver Janne Tuohino fell down after stepping out from sauna and slipped on some ice on the way back to his cabin.

“Shoulder was misplaced and he was rushed to hospital. Now shoulder is back on its position but it’s impossible to drive due pain.

“Good luck for our fellow drivers in final two stages of Arctic Rally Finland!”

Tuohino himself, who was running 13th, had been entirely frank in his appraisal of his own performance, saying: “I don’t have the guts to push in the ruts – I’m getting old! I’m enjoying it, the youngsters are flying, but maybe it’s better for me not to check my times…”

All at DirtFish wish Janne a swift recovery and looks forward to reporting his progress back on the stages as soon as possible.