Solberg has recce car accident on Rally Finland

Hyundai Motorsport N continued its tricky Finland preparations with a road incident for Solberg


Oliver Solberg and co-driver Craig Drew were involved in an accident during the recce for Rally Finland on Thursday.

Nobody was injured in the incident, which it is understood occurred on the Hyundai Motorsport crew’s first run through one of the weekend’s stages in their recce car – a Subaru.

Solberg posted on Twitter: “As I mentioned earlier, it’s been an eventful day for us – but thankfully nobody was hurt in the accident on today’s recce.

“We switched to a spare recce car, and carried on making the notes and now look forward to the start of the rally tomorrow!”

It’s Solberg and Drew’s first weekend together, with his former co-driver Aaron Johnston leaving ahead of Finland and now sittting alongside Takamoto Katsuta in his Toyota Yaris WRC.

The Solberg incident further complicates what’s been a tricky run-in to the Jyväskylä-based event for hid team, as fellow Hyundai i20 N Rally2 driver Jari Huttunen crashed his entry car at a pre-event test on Monday.