Video: What’s the weather for Arctic Rally Finland?

By a fire in a frozen forest, DirtFish asks if it will get any warmer and what that means for round two of the WRC

Ahead of the World Rally Championship’s first round in the Arctic Circle, David Evans and Colin Clark bring you the latest on the weather conditions expected for Arctic Rally Finland from the comfort of their own stage-side trench. Don’t say we don’t go to extraordinary lengths here at DirtFish.

Temperatures were as low as -22F during the pre-event tests in the region earlier this month, but have risen sharply for the rally – although they are expected to drop again for Saturday and Sunday.

The region has experienced more than a meter of snowfall over the winter, including a significant layer of powdery snow in the past few days – but is more expected in Rovaniemi for the rally itself?

Clark and Evans also drill into the implications or more snow falling after the recce, held on Wednesday, and explain why road temperatures aren’t likely to fluctuate regardless of what the weather does.