Robin Larsson joins JC Raceteknik Magic Weekend line-up

Larsson eyeing the top prize while YellowSquad's Dan Skocdopole and Henrik Krogstad join the fray in Lites class


Double European Rallycross Champion Robin Larsson is the latest big name to be announced for RallyX Nordic’s ‘All-Star’ Magic Weekend event at Höljes.

The Swede joins Enzo Ide Ben-Philip Gundersen and Mats Ohman in a bumper four-car Supercar entry for JC Raceteknik.

“It’s so good to be going racing again, and it will be straight to full speed right away,” said Larsson, who will also contest this year’s World Rallycross campaign with JC Raceteknik. “We’re all probably a little rusty. Me and the team will do a small start test, but other than that, it will be straight into competition with the new car. We see it as a good test before the World Championship starts.

“As usual, I go there to win, but at the same time it will be difficult to predict. There will be many good drivers and tough competition, for example Johan [Kristoffersson] is not there with the goal of coming second.

“Many of us have no full RallyX Nordic championship season to think about, but when it’s time, the elbows usually come out.”

For JC Raceteknik, the addition of Larsson to its lineup for the closed doors event means that it will have seven drivers in four of the event’s five classes, with Jimmie Walfridson competing in Supercar Lites, Isak Reiersen in Crosscar, and Alex Gustafsson in Crosscar Junior.



Mads Erik Hoiland/#YellowSquad

Elsewhere, YellowSquad has confirmed that its 2020 RX2 lineup of Dan Skocdopole and Henrik Krogstad will both run in the Lites class.

Krogstad took the rallycross world by storm in 2018, finishing third in the RX2 series with three podium finishes in what was his rookie campaign.

“I’m extremely excited. I can’t wait. I feel prepared and I’m feeling good,” he said. “Just to be racing in these difficult times is great by itself. To have it in Höljes, and with a big event like this, with a high-quality broadcast, it will be very good.

“I don’t really know what my speed is going to be like now, so it’s hard to know what kind of expectations to have. But, of course, I’m always driving for the win and the best result I can get. I really hope to fight for a victory.”

Skocdopole meanwhile made his RallyX Nordic debut in the Supercars class at last year’s season finale at Tierp, aged just 16, and made it to the semi-final stage of the event.

“We are a team that is prepared, a team that is hungry for success, and a team that is determined to embrace a teamwork mentality,” said team boss Kevin Hansen. “This delay has given us extra ‘free’ time to develop the team further and build a stronger foundation. So YellowSquad will be very strong from the beginning of the season: we are prepared and we believe in our two drivers.

“In the absence of being able to work together in person, we have worked remotely on the driver’s physical regime. It’s very essential as there was a lot to be gained there, especially when they come out on track. The preparation and training they’ve put in is very nice to see.

“Henrik has also been doing a lot of sim racing, and we have been working on some things we saw during the Esports events that he had to improve on. Unfortunately Dan wasn’t able to participate in those events but he has done some other driving in the Czech Republic, so I’m sure he has been preparing in his way as much as possible.

“It’s a driver line-up that is now better prepared than they would have been for the original season opener at Barcelona in April.”