Ypres’ chances hinge on Friday meeting

A call on Belgium's lockdown measures will be vital to Ypres' chances


A firm decision on Ypres Rally Belgium’s chances of running as next month’s penultimate round of the World Rally Championship will become clearer following a meeting of Belgium’s Consultative Committee on Friday.

The meeting, which starts at 14:00 Belgian time, is to consider current and ongoing coronavirus measures – it will also include a two week evaluation of the measures implemented on October 16 to close bars and restaurants.

The Belgian authorities are being urged to move the nation in a similar lockdown situation as neighbours France and Germany.

The Walloonia region’s interior minister Christophe Collignon has already made it clear that it will move into lockdown if it doesn’t consider the national government’s measures go far enough.

Walloonia is currently scheduled to host the final day’s action around the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

The FIA made clear on Wednesday that no firm decision had been taken regarding the cancellation of the rally. The governing body did, however, confirm the event would be closed to spectators.