Podcast: Redesigns, encouraging signs and the WRC’s C-word

The new 2020 calendar is the major talking point in this week's episode of Spin, The Rally Pod

Ott Tanak (EST)

The C-word. No, not that C-word, and not ‘coronavirus’ either. In the latest episode of DirtFish’s podcast – Spin, The Rally Pod – the team is talking about the 2020 World Rally Championship season’s C-word: the calendar.

As ever Lisa O’Sullivan is joined by Colin Clark, George Donaldson and David Evans, and they discuss Estonia’s inclusion in the revised calendar alongside events in Turkey, Germany, Sardinia and Japan. Could Ypres in Belgium as well as Croatia join that roster too? And what would or would not have worked about this year’s proposed Rally GB route?

The impact of the FIA’s updated return to motorsport guidelines is also discussed, looking at how the directives will change the WRC when it does resume in 2020. But does more need to be done to help keep the WRC attractive to corporate backers? Clark – never one shy of voicing his opinion – has a theory, which is well worth listening to.

That, plus all the usual tangents, sub-debates and observations from our all-star cast, is there over the next hour of listening.

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