Magic Weekend to be ‘most televised RX event in Sweden’

Olsbergs boss Andréas Eriksson keen to attract new audience with stand-alone Höljes rallycross meeting


Next month’s Magic Weekend at Höljes is set to be the most televised rallycross event in Sweden, according to Olsbergs MSE boss and race co-founder Andréas Eriksson.

The event, which will host the opening two rounds of the RallyX Nordic season and be closed to spectators, will have a comprehensive television broadcast package across four days, offering commentary and additional media coverage in both English and Swedish.

Eriksson, whose Olsbergs MSE team organized the RX Quarantine Shootout in May as a test event for future rallycross meetings, says he has already received interest from further afield in covering the Magic Weekend.

“I think for sure it will be the biggest televised rallycross event in Sweden,” Eriksson told DirtFish.

“Everything will be in English obviously, but we also got some feedback that they want it in French as well, so we are open to that.

“Höljes is like the Indy 500 of rallycross, and obviously Lohéac is the second biggest event in our calendar. For the French, not having Lohéac is a big shame, so we hope they can cover the Magic Weekend.

“That’s the plan. If we see the interest increase from these countries, and we have also heard from Russia that they are interested too, then we will make sure it happens.”


The Magic Weekend will feature action from Supercars, Supercar Lites, CrossCar and CrossCar Junior as well as a special one-off ‘All-Star’ race.

A media-only day is scheduled for the Friday of the event, which Eriksson believes can play an important role in growing rallycross.

“This is a great opportunity to reach a new audience for rallycross,” Eriksson said.

“It is perhaps exactly what we need to reach people who don’t usually watch rallycross or are interested in rallycross, so we maybe we shouldn’t only reach out to the core fans, we should be targeting the other fans who don’t know anything about rallycross.

“We knew from the people that there was interest in this sort of thing. They were hungry for live racing and for the Shootout, we just made a small ‘TV’ type thing out of the Facebook live for them.

“We are starting to understand what people want, the engagement has been pretty good. And the most important thing is that my drivers now have hope.”

The Magic Weekend will be the first major competitive rallycross event to take place in 2020, with proceeds from the pay-per-view meeting held between July 2-5 going towards the organizing Finnskoga Motor Klub.